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Mintwud is a classic amalgamation of form and function. Crafted for compact homes, the range is clean and convenient and has an understated design aesthetic that adapts to any space.

Modern is a distinct, defined style which originated in the early 1900s. It uses a combination of vinyl, steel, plastic, glass or wood having monochromatic colours and sleek silhouettes. Modern furniture lives at the intersection of clean lines and relaxed comfort accentuating form and function.

Shoe Cabinets are closed shoe cupboards with shutters having multiple shelf space inside to neatly place your shoes.

Brand: Mintwud
Dimensions: H 48.2 x W 37.4 x D 15.1
(all dimensions in inches)
Weight: 49 KG
Colour: Walnut
Warranty: 12 Months’ Warranty
Assembly: Carpenter Assembly
Primary Material: Engineered Wood
Room Type: Living Room
Collection: Yuuto
Sku: FN1760856-P-WH5046


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